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What does it mean to join a Website Design and Local SEO Affiliate Program? An affiliate is a home business owner who joins a company such as ours as a contractor. The affiliate is given a special tracking link and product creatives used to advertise the companies products using ethical means on the Internet. In return, the Local SEO Affiliate Program pays the affiliated contractor a commission or percentage of the total retail price of the product or service.

What Kind Of Percentage and Commissions Are Offered by dotLocal SEO’s Local SEO Affiliate Program?

We offer all Website Design and Local SEO Affiliate Program Members a 10% commission rate on all products and services. Product commissions range from as little as 70 cents on a $7 e-book or special report to several hundred dollars on website design and search engine optimization services.


All affiliates are not created equal thus some affiliates will excel at this promotion and earn thousands of dollars a month while others may fail to earn any income at all. Variables out of our control such as keyword targeting success, low traffic quality, and failure or success in creating a customer avatar will determine where you fit. It is advised that all first time home business owners join Wealthy Affiliate to gain appropriate training before joining a niche affiliate program such as the Website Design and Local SEO Affiliate Program at dotLocal SEO.

What do you do to help me sell your products?

Our Local SEO Affiliate Program is designed by affiliates for affiliates and direct support is vital to building a successful team. In addition to e-mail connectivity and support, we will be developing and creative community on Facebook Groups to share success tips and training with our affiliate team.

In addition, we write killer ad links you can add to your website, and generate product based graphics known as banner images that will help generate interest in our services. We advise each affiliate to spend time on our site and get to know the products and services we offer so you can formulate opinions and research ideas to write a solid review post on your blogs and websites.

Coupons and Sales will be offered throughout the year to help generate additional business for you and our team through the Website Design and Local SEO Affiliate Program. Current Coupon Code Listed Below.

Code: Halloween will allow your referrals to save 10% on their initial SEO or Website Design Purchase. Offer valid until October 31st 2020. One use per visitor, coupon applies to their entire cart at checkout.

Niche Ideas for Website Design and Local SEO Affiliate Program Members.

While advised to boil down your niche to the smallest level that still produces adequate traffic but has low competition these starter niche ideas will narrow down your search. Please feel free to use the keywords discovered in paid media campaigns such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, or on social media networks such as Pinterest and Facebook.

  • niche website design
  • niche blogs
  • website design
  • my business online
  • grow local business
  • get more customers
  • get more clients
  • grow sales
  • generate more sales
  • sell more offline
  • new customers
  • get more customer
  • get more leads
  • local business marketing
  • local business advertising
  • start online business
  • new website
  • build a website
  • website designers
  • Webdesign and SEO
  • local SEO
  • local search
  • local search engine optimization
  • add a business to yelp
  • add a business to Google My Business
  • WordPress Themes
  • Custom WordPress
  • Custom WordPress designs
  • custom WordPress Themes

These Starter Keywords will unlock thousands of opportunities to gain limitless targeted website visitors who are ready to buy our services. Use them wisely and you will soon be a Website Design and Local SEO Affiliate Program All-star. Be sure to register below.

Andy Anderson – Owner: dotLocal SEO and Website Design

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