FAQ Local SEO and Website Design Questions and Answers

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Brief List of Frequently Asked Local SEO and Website Design Questions and Answers.

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  • What is Local SEO? Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO is a skill set used to get a website listed in the first 1-2 pages of Google and other major search engines. The higher a site ranks in the search engine rankings or SERP (search engine rank page) the more visitors will check out your website.
  • If I don’t have SEO performed will my website still rank in Google? – Without SEO tags and titles, Google and other engines will have an attempt at pulling a portion of your text on-page to create listings. They will then tell the world what your site is about. This is not always possible if the listings have the wrong information in the places Google, Yahoo, and Bing look for it. Your site may be Joe’s Bait Shop – A bunch of random text that doesn’t tell people who you are. Instead of Saying Joe’s Bait Shop, the best in the minnows, worm’s, and crankbaits. Stop in for your free local fishing guide. You are at the bot’s mercy.
  • How Do I Know Your Service Works? – We offer a world of stats and training to help you make sense of the reports showing results. Ultimately you must have seen our site on Google if we did not meet in person at this point. We are generally found on the first page of Google for Local SEO Services Yuma.
  • Do you offer a Guarantee of Ranking on Page One in Google? – We do everything in our power to rank the site for your preferred search terms. Difficulty and competition, link building, and ongoing support will all play a role in your ability to reach a first-page ranking and stay there. We can typically rank you on page 1 for Low Competiton and moderate competition keywords with your initial service package. The more work is done on your site to rank for these kinds of terms the better your chances of reaching and maintaining page one for more competitive terms. We do not make any guarantee that you will reach or maintain any position because of these uncontrollable factors.
  • Do we have to supply a list of search terms? While it is a good idea to have some thought put into what you wish to be known for. Our experts can look at your preferred client information or current client demographics and make suggestions based on keyword research. Much like the research into this list of Local SEO and Website Design Questions and Answers.
  • What is a Keyword? Keywords are search terms used to find businesses online. We use only natural voice keywords and suggest only keywords with regular monthly traffic. We aim to get you on page one for as many terms as are in your agreement.
  • Why WordPress sites? WordPress is the preferred Content Management System or CMS of the business world with over 40% of all sites using it. WordPress is highly extendable, constantly, and easily updated for security. WP is 100% Open Source Code. There are thousands of global developers constantly working on making sites better and more secure. With thousands of features and tens of thousands of design possibilities. No two websites have to be exactly alike. Other CMS doesn’t offer the same set of features and are often clunky and easy to break. Websites that are hand-built often have no open-source code access. Often they have no SEO support coding, and are sometimes outdated and don’t use HTML5 and current W3C standards. Websites must also be mobile-ready and in the WP environment, we can guarantee this.
  • What is your Refund Policy? – No refund will be possible on Website Design or Search Engine Optimization products due to them being a delivered service with no means of recovery of the product by dotLocal SEO and Website Design. E-Book purchases are warranted for 7 days after purchase, apps and software are warranted from defects for 7 days.. Chargebacks on credit or pay-pal purchase will be assessed a $30 fee and may be subject to litigation or collections in addition to any past due balance. Past due accounts will be charged $15 after the 15th-day delinquent and an additional late payment fee will be assessed every 30 days thereafter.
  • Do You Offer Financing? At this time there is no financing available.
  • Can I Suggest Website Design Changes? During your first month service, you can request up to 3 design changes. We want you to be happy but in the end, we have to cover the cost for any changes made such as labor for our designers. On a residual monthly contract we offer to do minor changes such as changing visual elements to show a new sale or adding new blog post should you provide the content. That does not include major redesigns.
  • Do you build eCommerce Websites? At this time we do not but we can likely broker a designer who does, in fact, create them. We can optimize the front end of WooCommerce sites because they use WordPress for their primary build but do not perform Product by Product SEO at this point do to the extreme amounts of time and dedication required to service a single client. We are a small office that is based currently in my home and those of my contractors.
Local SEO and Website Design Questions and Answers

Summary of The Best Local SEO and Website Design Questions and Answers

Our attempt to guide you with some of the most basic questions we are asked each day is not limited to this shortlist. We have no issue responding to any local SEO and website design questions and answers you have during normal business hours of M-F, 9 AM to 5 PM. We are here to serve you and your questions related call will not cost a dime extra for paying members and potential clients. This has been your Local SEO and Website Design Questions and Answers and we are here to serve your needs ALWAYS!

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