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Custom WordPress Website Design by the WordPress Specialist at dotLocal SEO. The Custom WordPress Theme Design is your gateway to the look and feels your blog deserves. Does not include Searche Engine Optimization services.


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Custom WordPress Website Design or WordPress Custom Theme

This WordPress Theme package includes all basic and pro features of the GeneratePress theme and Plugin. Our designer will adjust colors, fonts, and supply royalty-free stock images to create a look and feel that is unique to your blog. We are bloggers and we know that design is not the strong point of millions of professional authors and blog enthusiasts. Neither is it a time consumption issue needed by small but growing businesses.

Upon purchase, a member of our staff will contact you within 3 business days with a request for information to begin the Custom WordPress Website Design process. This client onboarding questions and answers session generally takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Why Choose WordPress for your Website?

WordPress is the premier Content Management System online. It manages nearly 1/3 of all websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores online. WordPress is easy to use, highly extendable, and community built. This Open Source Code CMS is dynamic in design capabilities, has over 8,000 theme options, and tens of thousands of plugins to extend the possibilities and features for you and your customers.

This WordPress Custom Theme Package Includes

  • Up to 4 Stock Images Source to Complement your Niche
  • Basic theme layout and design services including the setting of theme colors based on your preferred color scheme, typography or font selection, general layout settings, and installation of theme framework and pro plugin licensed by us for commercial use.
  • Addition and formatting of your chosen front page content. We make the homepage content you write look great to a waiting world.
  • Up to 2 revisions of design to make minor changes based on your needs. We want you to be happy with your Custom WordPress Website Design.
  • 3 months we fix it guarantee. If the theme breaks for any reason in 3 months we will reinstall your plugin, theme, and theme settings at no additional cost. Does not include customizations you or other designers make to the theme, only work we perform is covered.
  • Lifetime WordPress theme updates.
  • 30-minute design consultation.

What Types Of Sites Are Prohibited Under The Custom WordPress Website Design Package?

We are a family-owned and operated business that is 100% home-based. I have a family with small children still running around my desk and will not risk subjecting them to adult content. No Adult Websites, no Warrez or Hacking, no Illegal content, no Hate Sites, no criminal activity including but not limited to pirating, spoofing, mirroring of other sites, no using our profit for Phishing activities, or crimes under U.S. Laws and the Laws of the State of Arizona not mentioned above.

How Long will the Website Be Down during the Custom WordPress Website Design Services?

We do our best to minimize disturbance to your readers and clients. We design the site on our own servers and then transfer the finished design and settings to your site. Within a few hours, we can have the entire process complete and we can schedule this to happen during nonpeak hours for your website.

Can we Remove the WordPress Custom Theme By dotLocal SEO message from the footer?

While we love satisfied customers who choose to leave this unobtrusive message intact and invite you to join our affiliate program and earn by referring other webmasters to our site it is ultimately your website and you may either remove the message or have us remove it within 15 days of the site being made live.

What is Your Refund Policy on WordPress Custom Themes?

Due to the fact, this is a service-related product we offer no cash refund once service has been completed. In the place, we offer 3 months AKA 90 says of warranty against theme breakage and further offer 3 design revisions to make sure we deliver a product you can be proud to own.

What is needed to execute the warranty?

We will need the Customer Name, e-mail address, phone number, and the order number or Pay-Pal transaction ID number to verify the date of purchase and that it is our work. You can e-mail the details of your break including what actions were happening to your website at the time of the issue to with the subject of Custom WordPress Website Design Break. this will let me know to prioritize service and make sure you are taken care of immediately.




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Custom WordPress Website Design – WordPress Custom Theme