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We Proudly Participate

In Rewardical, Rewards from Zing Network.

Earn 201 points for every $10 spent with us.

Trade them for great items, Fun Games, Bitcoin

Or Cash Back. Shopping With Hundreds of Global


Get your First 25 Rewardicals On Us

How to Make A Claim With Rewardical Rewards

Using Rewardicals as a client is easy to do. Simply take the Invoice Number off your Paper or Pay-Pal Invoice and sign in to your account. Using the powerful search engine at the top of the page search for dotLocal SEO. Once you have found us click Make a Purchase Claim. Enter the Invoice Number in the Invoice / Order ID box. Below that enter the Dollar Amount of the Invoice and select Submit.

How Rewarding can one claim be? An Order totaling $300 would earn 201×30= 6030 Reward Tokens. Redeem them for Cash at 690 Rewardicals per Dollar to get $8.73 back on your order. Bitcoin is at 606 Tokens per $1 for a reward of $9.95 in Bitcoin. Please note that Bitcoin must be withdrawn in amounts of over $25 per transaction. There are Retailer Gift Certificates, Game and Auction Tokens for Eager Zebra Games, and Astro Auctions, an option to give your Rewardicals to Charity and more. Not a member yet Click Here to sign up free and get your first 25 Rewardicals on us. There are currently over 500 online merchants and several hundred more offline listed in Rewardical and Localvantia search engines.

ONLY PAID INVOICES WILL BE APPROVED. We Hand Check Each Invoice and Manually Approve within 7-10 days of the claim being filed. We report fraudulent claims.

Rewardical Rewards from dotLocal SEO and Website Design

Benefits of Offering Rewardical Rewards for Your Business

Rewardical is backed by Carson Services LLC of Lincoln Nebraska USA, through their Zing Networks sites and programs that include the ECommerce training center and forums at ECommergy, TripleClicks Online Mall, and Strong Future International.

These Rewards are offered by hundreds of merchants around the world through their online sites and even offline businesses. By signing up to offer your customers these rewards points you will begin to see interest increase as you market your new customer loyalty program. You will also have free listings available in two powerful search engines generating millions of daily searches.

Search engine 1 is Rewardical Search which focuses on your online portion of your business and advertises your website. The second engine is called Localvantia and is focused on the Member’s Local Buying Advantage. This search engine puts your business in front of our more than 10 million members and growing and gives you traffic that is sure to gain more new sales while helping you give existing customers more reasons to come back.

How much does it cost to join the Rewardical Rewards Program as a merchant?

Nothing upfront. No annual fees, no minimum investments, no merchant account minimums tying up your cash reserves. None of the things that have historically made a program like this out of your reach as a small business. You choose to contribute as little as 5% of your sale price for Token Rewards and are only charged when we generate new sales that you manually approve. When it comes time to pay you can deposit as little as $25 to cover the existing Points Claims and should you ever decide the program isn’t working you will get a refund of any unused portion of the deposited sum you have in the balance sheet.

CLICK HERE to Become A Rewardical Rewards Merchant

Get your first 1,000 Rewardicals Claimed on us

Contact Me for more information on establishing your local business in Localvantia Search. Businesses signed up using my affiliate link can get a free page added to their website design package to showcase their Rewardical Rewards Participation at no extra cost. This is a $150 value just for joining through my link.

Disclaimer: While the primary purpose of this page is to offer rewards to our customers and a Rewards Program serves as an add on, we are paid affiliates of Strong Future International and the Zing Network and earn 1 Rewardical for every 10 that you give your customers, or earn through purchases at other merchants. If interested in becoming an affiliate member be sure to mention this in your e-mail to us via the contact page.

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