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Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local SEO? Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO is a skill set used to get a webpage listed in the first 1-2 pages of Google and other major search engines. The higher a website ranks in the Google search engine rankings or SERP (search engine rank page) the more visitors will check out your website. For Local Business, this can mean a ton of new customers.

If I don’t have SEO performed will my website still rank in Google? – Without SEO tags and titles, Google and other engines will make an attempt at pulling portions of your text to create your search engine listings. They will then tell the world what your site is about. This is not always possible if the listings have the wrong information in the places Google, Yahoo, and Bing look for it. Your site may be Joe’s Bait Shop – A bunch of random text that doesn’t tell people who you are. Instead of Saying Joe’s Bait Shop, the best in the minnows, worm’s, and crank-baits. Stop in for your free local fishing guide. You are at the search-bot’s mercy.

How Do I Know Your Service Works? – We offer a world of stats and training to help you make sense of the reports showing results. Ultimately you must have seen our site on Google if we did not meet in person at this point. We are generally found on the first page of Google for Local SEO Services Yuma. We always over-deliver in our Customer 1st Service. We will never let you go underserved and walk away unhappy.

Your dotLocal Website Design Store Experience

One thing you will notice about dotLocal SEO is our Website Design and Local Search Engine Optimization prices are up front and on display to the public. We don’t force you to hand over information we can use and abuse for months trying to hard sell you services. We don’t undercut the competition nor do we bow to the pressure of SEO sweatshops over seas selling low grade Search Engine Optimization services for pennies on the dollar.

Fact is we know our prices are fair, and our service is exceptional. We don’t have to ask what you have been quoted someplace else, and our Website Design Store prices are exactly what you will pay for top quality local search engine optimization and website design.

What Does the Customer 1st Guarantee Mean

Always a fan of the Rotary Club motto of Service Above self we carry over that service above self interest belief set. While being a home based website services company we are not able to offer a refund program at this time. We do take every opportunity to prove value and deliver a service you would never feel under delivered or over promised.

We give more for your dollar in terms of value than 99% of the competition and we are proud to always put you in the driver’s seat. Starting with 3 revisions on custom website design store items and local SEO products we make sure you have plenty of room to make simple to complex changes.

We also are upfront about the things we can accomplish in our pricing. Where we can’t service your needs we will help you find someone who can. Often these services will be at a discount through another service contracting with us. Sometimes these companies we list for you will have no relationship at all with dotLocal.

When possible we will help you find someone who understands your local business by servicing the area. True Customer 1st service doesn’t always mean we make money though sometimes we do receive commissions or finders fees. We will disclose these cases whenever the Website Design Store earns these fees so you can make an educated decision about who you choose to work with. We openly invite honest reviews, and have no issues with addressing any concern, before, during, or after the sale.

Thanks for shopping our Local SEO and Website Design Store.

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